Custom Picture Control profiles for Nikon Z6 II (Classic Contrast B&W Soft and Portra II)

My previous attempt at the Classic Contrast B&W produced a very strong contrast B&W -look that was aimed at a kind of “urban” look. Backing up a bit with sharpness (and clarity, which added quite a bit of contrast) without touching the tone curve I made a new custom picture profile. The original was set up without color filter. I usually like processing B&W images without filters as I just don’t like emphasizing some colors. But with this profile I used the yellow filter.

The outcome of changes compared to the original is shown below:

Classic B&W – on the left original, on the right is the soft version

My second renewed custom Picture Control is the one I call “Portra”. The previous one had quite dark shadows and I wanted to lighten them up a bit. I did, after a lot of pondering, put some negative hue shift in the profile. This gives the sky a bit teal hue. So, here is a comparison of old Portra and the new Portra II:

Old Portra (left) and new Portra II (right) Picture Control

The Portra II, as the older profile, needs a white balance shift of A: +2 and G: -0.25. I used at this time the “keep whites” setting, as I think it is my preference. This is now my current main profile I use for jpegs SOOC. As I always shoot JPEG+RAW I have the raw-files available for other looks if I want to.

As always, I share here my settings. They are in two separate files to download to your camera if you decide to try them. These are still work in progress. Finding a satisfactory in-camera B&W -setting is a never ending quest. The colors of this “Portra II” are nice but might at some point make me revert back to zero hue shift, only time will tell. And truth to be told, I really like the neutral colors of Nikon original Picture Controls, so this is just for fun at the moment.

Classic B&W Soft:

Portra II:

And couple of examples more:

Classic B&W Soft Picture Control
Portra II Picture Control

5 thoughts on “Custom Picture Control profiles for Nikon Z6 II (Classic Contrast B&W Soft and Portra II)”

  1. Terve,

    I like the looks of your Portra PC and would like to try it out. I’ve downloaded a couple PCs from already and they have a different file extension, .NCP
    Your’s has the .NP3 extension. Pardon my ignorance, but can I copy this file into my camera directly like the .NCP?

    Kiitti in advance!


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