Basics Nature Capture One -style

I loved Fujifilm’s Velvia film simulation when I used the X-H1. From the beginning of using Capture One I wanted to make a style that mimics the look of the Velvia film simulation. There were two reasons even while I knew I could get that look for Fujifilm’s raw -files in Capture One. First, I wanted to learn how to tune such a style that works well with nature related subjects like landscapes and animals. Second, I think it is always best to have a style that is not dependent of the camera used.

I started studying this style long ago, and I just couldn’t get it right. I even forgot my efforts after a while. But now I found I had enough motivation to go through the process. I had earlier processed some test photos in-camera with Velvia film simulation during the time I had the X-H1. Even though I marked that the processed files were at “zero”-settings it might be that I had my preferred warm yellow tint (one step into yellow) in those processed photos. At least it seems that my new style came just a bit warmer in look than what Capture One’s Velvia-curve looks like.

Biggest challenge to tune this style was related to the Capture One’s color editor. It is a nightmare to use when you want to adjust adjacent colors with different hue-shifts or saturations. You easily get banding that is visible for example in color gradients that come up in skies with shots taken towards sun. But I think I managed to handle the problem in my final versions.

This new style is modeled after the Velvia film simulation (not the real film). It is warm, as I mentioned above. And it has some tweaks, for example to the contrast, that deviate a bit from the film simulation. I acknowledge some differences here and there, but overall the look is quite close and for me it is very useful. With this style everything looks bold and colorful. Brown skin tones look even more brown, red skin tones look even more red with this style. The greens are unnatural, though appealing. And I have to mention that I am happy Fujifilm made their Velvia film simulation better looking than their original film from where that film simulation got it’s name. Fujifilm got it right when they expressed that the Velvia film simulation is made to give “memory colors”, colors we afterwards think were what we saw even though they are not “true” to the scene.

Here is the link to download the style:

Basics Nature Capture One -style

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