Monochrome Muted Capture One -style

This style is a study of converting the NS160 III Capture One -style to a monochrome style. The color version is suitable for portrait photography, at least it is mimicking the Fuji’s beautiful 160NS film that was especially meant to be used for people photography. I found out that the monochrome conversion needed some slight tuning, but overall it worked as is as an independent monochrome style.

This style certainly is “Muted” as it suppresses highlights and you can’t find deep shadows here. The midtones are a bit dull, but rich in “color” and tones. One has to decide where to set exposure to get the midtones right. And I found out that this style could be used for “light and airy” monochrome look by raising the exposure for suitable images. I remember that during the time I used Fuji’s camera there were many Fuji users that muted the highlights (though at the same time deepened shadows). I personally like highlights that are nearly or clearly overexposed and more contrasty midtones and shadows than in this style. But I can not deny that there are situations where this kind of muted look is suitable.

One more monochrome -style to choose from, not bad? Comment below what kind of monochrome -styles you like.

And here is the link to download the style:

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