P400 III Capture One -style

This is an evolution of one of my studies, Kodak Portra 400 looking Capture One -style. This version combined the earlier “Gold Dust” version with many other tweaks to the colors of previous versions. The colors in this version are based on a comparison of colors charts taken with the Portra 400 film. Not an exact match but closer than ever before.

I set the white balance at 5600K (and zero bias) and depending on the subject you have to pick your preferred white balance. I sometimes like to use the 5600K setting, but mostly tweak it to my taste.

If you like Portra 400 film’s look you probably are gonna like this too, as the warmth and colors and halo effect are similar. I picked the noise pattern to my taste but it gives, at least to me, a resemblance of film grain.

As the film itself, this is meant to be a style that can be used widely with different kinds of subjects. And based on my tests I feel I achieved one of my favorite styles so far.

Try it and comment below if you liked it. Here is the link to download the style:

P400 III Capture One -style
P400 III Capture One -style
P400 III Capture One -style
P400 III Capture One -style
P400 III Capture One -style
P400 III Capture One -style
P400 III Capture One -style

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