PortraMood Capture One -style

This style I is a replication of an for me unknown look I found in the internet. I really don’t know the photographer, I don’t know the medium it was taken with (though I think it was taken on film), and I don’t know what kind of post processing was involved in the final image that I copied this look from. What I know is that it looked beautiful and gave me the impression of a certain Portra 160 look that I have been working through.

This look is low-contrast, moody, a bit cool and very pleasant to the eye. It’s greens are subdued and the skin tones rich though quite unsaturated. There are many elements in this style that I just love, though I understand if it’s unsaturated muteness might look dull for some. If some styles give a sense of “presence”, this style gives more of a distinct look, which either suits or doesn’t suit for a given situation.

I gave this style a name that hints about Kodak films, but you might see this style differently, even finding some resemblance with a film from Fujifilm’s repertoire. The name carries also the idea of portrait-use, where this style primarily shines. And even though it were based only on someone’s preference of a digital preset, it doesn’t take anything from the usability of such look. The look is just slightly fine-tuned from the original to work with wider variety of photos than what the original look could cater, especially in the skin color department, and I enhanced the highlights with a slight color shift that is typical for Portra 160 film.

Free download, as all my styles have been so far. Here is the link:

Please comment below, what do you think of it.

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