Modern K64 III Capture One -style

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have been tuning some Portra based Capture One -styles and Kodachrome 64 based Capture One -style parallel to each other. I wanted to create a good base setting for the Capture One color wheel that I could use tuning many other styles too. I published the Portra 400 look-a-like style already, and it is time to publish my efforts with the Kodachrome 64 look. This time I used a quite good reference scan as my base and I think the accuracy of colors in this style is quite high compared to the original scan.

Modern K64 III Capture One -style
Modern K64 III Capture One -style

This style is intentionally a little “underexposed” and you might want to give slight positive exposure compensation. This style is a bit sensitive to the exposure, I just decided to leave it as such, but you might get overblown highlights very easily. That might not look bad, but it is up to the image creator to decide what kind of look is desirable. Anyway the underexposure emphasizes red colors and lightening it up will give better skin tones, for example. The colorscape is quite bold and the contrast is quite high. One might want to try this kind of style for urban and street photography, less likely for portraits and landscapes. Where this shines is with images where there are wood surfaces and brown tones, at least I really like it for these subjects. The white balance is set at 5600K, and one can set it according to taste/preference or leave it untouched to get “daylight”-film look. And I didn’t add any grain to this style as I primarily wanted to play with the colorscape when making this style.

Modern K64 III Capture One -style

Update 1.7.2022: I have a newer look of Kodachrome 64 available so there is no reason to share this version anymore.

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