Fujifilm NHG800, a Capture One – style study

I was not going to make this one a new style for Capture One. I found a good reference for Fujifilm’s NHG II 800 color film, but I didn’t think that this film would be nice enough to finish as a style, and I decided to quickly check how the film would look through my hands.

Now, the Fuji NHG was a professional line of films in the yesteryears. It is so old news that there really is very few photographs to be found in the ‘net taken with this film, no matter how popular it might have been during the years of it’s existence. This makes reality check for this style almost impossible, so I was quite dependent on the reference photo. I thought that I just try this one and delete the results afterwards.

Surprisingly this style got me, even from it’s first iterations. I got nostalgic moments remembering the time I made the style mimicking Fujifilm’s 160NS film and the times I tweaked Fuji’s film simulations to my liking (and those times were long and intense). And I kinda shifted from my recent Portra-mood to Fuji again: how can the Portra look so muddy, after all :-).

This style has an interesting tone curve. It really surprised me how the curve looked like after getting it to replicate the reference. I tweaked the colors with Capture One’s color wheel using my base wheel from my Portra tweaks, but this film demanded alterations to my previous wheel preset especially in the red department. Where I am a bit confused is that many many skin tones look spectacular with this color setup, but some pinky skin tones makes me want to scrap this style. But feeling sorry for those people I continued with this study and accepted that at the moment. As this was a study with the colorscape I didn’t even try to match micro-contrast (clarity) or use grain in this style.

Fujifilm NHG 800 Capture One -style

I acknowledge some needs for future improvements. But those things showed up only in single photographs and having intensively tested hundreds of photos I decided this style, suprising to me, gets into the phase of publishing. I am torn though, if this kind of style is worth anything more than a study. I probably would choose some other kind of style for my own photos. But it is nice to have a style in arsenal that has the Fuji’s colorscape.

Fujifilm NHG 800 Capture One -style

Update 18.7.2022: I have newer version of this look available so there is no reason to share this older one.

PhasePreliminary version, some known issues with colorwheel’s setttings (adjacent colors) that affect very few images that have color gradients
Colorscape or what I tried to emulateFujifilm NHG II 800 color negative film
ContrastLow contrast
Saturation Low or middle
Author’s reviewBeautiful Fuji colorscape. Requires thinking about your preferred white balance.
Best used for (genre of photography)Experimental, lifestyle, portraits with limited range of skin tones (excluding pinky-pigmented skin tones or sunburned skins)
A quick summary of this style

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