Updated Fujfilm NHG II 800 -Capture One -style

After publishing the style mimicking Fujifilm’s NHG II 800 -film earlier this month I was concerned why I couldn’t match the skin colors and red colors. After different tests I changed my colorchart photo I have been using as a matching tool. I know, I am learning all the time and don’t expect professional results from a hobby photographer like me.

Fujifilm NHG II 800 b Capture One -style

Anyway, the whole color spectrum needed re-tuning after I found the reason for the odd behaviour of red and skin tone colors. I also changed the naming of my files, starting now with VMSelection_ and expressing the intended look after that. Included in this update is 5600K version, Camera White Balance version and B&W version. The white balance should be adjusted depending on photographer’s preferences and the lighting.

Fujifilm NHG II 800 b Capture One -style

Update 18.7.2022: I corrected the green colors.

PhaseFinal version (corrected green colors 18.7.2022)
Colorscape or what I tried to emulateFujifilm NHG II 800 color negative film
ContrastLow contrast
SaturationLow or middle
Author’s reviewBeautiful Fuji colorscape. Requires thinking about your preferred white balance.
Best used for (genre of photography)Experimental, lifestyle, portraits.
Download linkhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/19vSaN-IzmYMLDS9nrHWFsQew4Zpefd_P/view?usp=sharing

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