Fujifilm Natura 1600 Capture One -study

This study is about trying to create Fujifilm Natura 1600 film’s colorscape with Capture One. This must have been one of the hardest films for me to mimic with Capture One as my older color wheel layout made some color gradients look unnatural. After lots of attempts I decided to combine some color ranges and thus simplify the color wheel layout. Which on the other hand caused slight compromises especially in brown-orange hues and light reds. Still, I like the color output and name this style according to the film as, at the moment, this is still quite successful attempt at mimicking the film’s colors and look.

I used grain with this style, but decided to give aesthetically more pleasing amount of grain than what the film would produce. From the sources I picked the colors for this style I tried to mimic the color shifts in shadows, midtones and higlights. With this decision this style certainly will be difficult to “white-balance” as there is quite strong green shift in the shadows and slight color shifts in midtones and highlights. The aim of this study was not to get an all-around film look but really emphasize the “film-look” and I think that was achieved.

The contrast of this style became quite high with a tendency to blow highlights. This is a result I am not certain I got right, but backing up from this would mean starting all over. The blown highlights look a bit like results from a slide film. Also the film’s tendency to give strong green color cast in shadows mean that your main subject, for example the skin tones, should not be underexposed. I found that very dark skin tones might look very un-natural with this style.

Maybe the outcome is more experimental than useful, but I publish this anyway.

PhaseFinal version
Colorscape or what I tried to emulateFujifilm Natura 1600 colorfilm
ContrastMedium contrast
SaturationLow saturation
Author’s notesVery film-like (read: not neutral) colorscape that still gives decent skin tones and overall an interesting character. One probably has to raise the exposure to get rid of the green color cast in the shadows and overall the white balance setting takes more effort than usually.
Best used for (genre of photography)Experimental, lifestyle and urban, portraits with reservations.
Download linkhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1iBasuiFGK-tTyP6jjnTnDmZMQZGaZanp/view?usp=sharing

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