DoubleX II Capture One -style

This time I have tinkered two new B&W Capture One -styles that are based on cinema films. First comes an iteration of Eastman DoubleX. My previous version was a regular B&W conversion that had contrast, sharpness and clarity based on the look that I have seen in many photos taken with this film. At that time I had no scans that would show how sensitive the film is for different colors and this is now corrected in this new version. I tweaked both sharpness and clarity settings to better emulate certain development I think is better looking than the reference images I used to tweak the earlier version.

There certainly is no “right” emulation of this film as the choice of development does alter the look a lot. What I did is a style that partly emulates the film and partly is based on my preferences. The style is now more useful to me and opposite to the earlier version I find this one an interesting and useful B&W style.

PhaseFinal version
Colorscape or what I tried to emulateEastman DoubleX cinema film
ContrastMedium contrast
Author’s notesUseful addition to the B&W -styles. One could look images with this style and forget that they aren’t color photos. What does that say?
Best used for (genre of photography)Experimental, street-photography, lifestyle and urban, portraits.
Download link

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