Kodak Panchromatic Color Separation Film 2238 – A B&W Capture One -style

This film was totally unfamiliar to me until recently, but not to film shooting community: it seems to be very popular. The name could make you think it is a color film, but no, it is a B&W film used for cinema. This is the second cinema film-based style I have tinkered lately.

It was surprising, again, that there are so many possibilities to make styles in B&W. This style has closest resemblance with Ilford FP4, but this is not to say they are similar, they just are closest from all the B&W -styles I have created. And that means that this has it’s own place when trying to decide what kind of B&W style suits certain images. I like it, but then again I do like the look of most of the styles offered here in my blog. Hope you have fun using it.

PhaseFinal version
Colorscape or what I tried to emulateKodak Panchromatic Color Separation 2238 cinema film
ContrastLow contrast
Author’s notesIt’s panchromatic nature is not special, but more of a norm for B&W films. But it still is an useful addition to the B&W -styles.
Best used for (genre of photography)Experimental, lifestyle and urban, portraits.
Download linkhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1DYgIIM4m5-tC_dNPImpEPpycl5nvgyhg/view?usp=sharing

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