Update to Ilford Delta 3200 Capture One -style (version III)

I have been updating my Capture One styles one by one to correct some overlapping color editor (color wheel) settings that have caused uneven tone gradations. This time I publish my corrected Ilford Delta 3200 inspired style.

I think many styles are most useful when they aren’t overly grainy. Thus many of my styles have grain setting that mimics more like a medium format film than 35mm film. Not so with this style. It’s essence is high grain that really creates some of the film’s look. Capture One has wonderful grain engine that first mimics well different kind of grain structures like in this style the T-grain look and second has natural fall-off of grain in highlights.

I have no right to publish portrait photos here, so I use other kind of photos. But do try this for portraits, as it really shines with such images, unless you need to get grain free photos.

I really really like this style. It separates itself from my other B&W -styles and it has it’s own special look. I share this style freely for anyone interested.

You can download the style from here.

Some more photos processed with this style.

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