Rollei RPX400 B&W Capture One -style

I stumbled to this film by accident. Not the most known one, for sure. The look was enough unique that I just had to try my hand on emulating the film. After all, I had nothing to loose but time :-).

This is my first iteration on the look of this film, so don’t think hard if I did not emulate it perfectly :-). The basis for my styles are on the linear tone curve, but this time I accidentally started from standard curve and only acknowledging this when the style was 99% complete, there was no going back.

Emulation of the film’s tone curve might be successful, or not. The level of dark shadows were a bit guess work, and this makes the overall tone curve interesting when the film is quite flat but the deep shadows get an extra boost in contrast. Yes, this film seems to have oddly flat tonality which works for some images well and some, not so well. This emulation with it’s aesthetics adds variety to my earlier black&white -styles for Capture One and so I do publish it here for anyone interested to try it.

The film has quite high grain. I used Cubic grain setting as it seemed to correspond to the film’s grain. The amount of the grain in this film seems to be so high that I went all the way up to 100% setting of Granularity. Feel free to tune the grain down or even replace it with your preferred grain structure. But as this is my first iteration, I wanted to start with this grainy look.

Hope you find this useful for some use scenarios, or at least have fun testing it. The link to download the style is here.

Some more photos with this style:

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