Upgraded Fujifilm NHG II 800 Capture One -style

This style has got some updates along the way and I made a new version that replaces all the older versions. The style is based on the reference I have seen from this film, though it does not emulate the film totally, only taking the tone curves and colors from the reference. I love this look, though it is the sweetest colorscape I have created and one might need salt sometimes. So, not for every situation, but giving a pleasing looking option among other styles.

The film itself is very old, it was sold at around year 2000 and the period it was sold was quite short. Nowadays searches in the internet bring very few sample photos taken with the film and unsurprisingly many of them are taken with long ago expired film. There probably is no way to say I got this colorscape right, but what came out of my efforts is a colorscape that is sweet looking, beautiful, quite un-contrasty and probably best to be used for people photography. My earlier versions of this were always somehow a bit “off” for me and I decided to create it again, this time we are talking of version 5.

Sharing my efforts, the link to download this style is here.

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