Kodak Gold 200 -style – rework

I have made a version Kodak Gold 200 that I published in the Collection of my Capture One -styles 1.7.2022. I remembered I wasn’t satisfied with that version and started a new version from the scratch. This version is number 3.

Kodak Gold 200 is a cheap “consumer” film available for everyone who shoots film, and now as it is offered in 120 format I have seen many professional wedding photographers among others taken it to serious work. There is something very “thin” in the look that I don’t particularly like, but I wanted to make a version of it to see if I could either love the original film’s look or improve it later to my liking.

With this iteration I think my perspective has changed a bit. I can now “see” why it is liked and used eagerly. I have noticed two kinds of looks promoted with this film, the other is “white balanced” and the other has “golden hue”. When making this style I went with the white balanced look and set the warmth at 5600 Kelvin. I have later read that the Gold 200 is a bit warmer balanced and I started playing with the Kelvin slider to see what seems balanced but a bit golden hued. And I decided to set the white balance at 6100 Kelvin after I otherwise finished the look. You can decide yourself this by setting it to any other Kelvin amount you like.

I don’t think this style is spot on. And I would say this has been a very difficult film to replicate as I don’t see one right answer to the white balance. One compromise I made is in the light red colors that my reference told to be more saturated than what I ended choosing in the final version. I guess I used my own artistic preference here. This decision affects some skin colors.

Well, I give you the link to download this for free, as always. Hopefully it ends up being used instead of being only a curiosity. And the link to download the style is here.

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