Fujifilm Natura 1600 inspired Capture One -style

My first iteration of the style mimicking Natura -film was in many ways something I was not satisfied with. I decided to start from the scratch and change my goals with this look. I wanted the colorscape, but there was no reason to emulate it fully. Biggest changes for this version 2 would be to drop the grain and ease the color shift towards green that plagued my first version. This version is very similar in color to the Natura 1600 film, but lowers the luminosity of especially greens and yellows.

After lots of fighting with the blues I decided I don’t like the lightness of the lightest blues in the film and averaged all the levels of blue to around middle levels of blue. With these changes I could say I liked more of the colors this style gives.

This style is colorful, and surprisingly good looking. It certainly differs from the earlier version, but the changes make it more usable, at least to me. The style can be downloaded from here.

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