Kodachrome64, again (a new Capture One -style)

My previous Kodachrome 64 styles for Capture One have either been based on imagination or, in case of the latest one, on a colorchart that is supposedly photographed with a Kodachrome 64 film. The colorchart showed very contrasty and very saturated scan/process and I had to fight to get it to work at all as a style. I replicated the contrast and saturation and while it was quite good imitation of the colorchart, it wasn’t necessarily a good representation of a Kodachrome 64 film. Just couple of days ago I accidentally found another source for a more muted and less contrasty scan of MacBeth color chart photographed with Kodachrome 64. I got hyperactive and produced in a flash a style based on that scan. And what a difference there is to my previous Kodachrome 64 versions.

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Fujifilm Natura 1600 inspired Capture One -style

My first iteration of the style mimicking Natura -film was in many ways something I was not satisfied with. I decided to start from the scratch and change my goals with this look. I wanted the colorscape, but there was no reason to emulate it fully. Biggest changes for this version 2 would be to drop the grain and ease the color shift towards green that plagued my first version. This version is very similar in color to the Natura 1600 film, but lowers the luminosity of especially greens and yellows.

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Upgraded Fujifilm NHG II 800 Capture One -style

This style has got some updates along the way and I made a new version that replaces all the older versions. The style is based on the reference I have seen from this film, though it does not emulate the film totally, only taking the tone curves and colors from the reference. I love this look, though it is the sweetest colorscape I have created and one might need salt sometimes. So, not for every situation, but giving a pleasing looking option among other styles.

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Update to Fujifilm Astia 100F Capture One -style, version III

A quick update to my Astia 100F slide film look-a-like Capture One -style. The update skips one unpublished update and adds the latest update to colors. You can download the updated version from here.

Update to Ilford Delta 3200 Capture One -style (version III)

I have been updating my Capture One styles one by one to correct some overlapping color editor (color wheel) settings that have caused uneven tone gradations. This time I publish my corrected Ilford Delta 3200 inspired style.

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Kodak T-Max 400 Capture One -style -study

This time I decided to commit some time for the black&white look. I studied different looks, like Ilford FP4 and and HP5 Plus before I started studying the T-Max 400. HP5 seems very popular in digital form and having seen it available at quite high price from The Archetype Process (TAP), I decided I just try these looks before making a purchase. TAP makes wonderful work with films to get them to digital era and I am sure I would not regret buying the black&white pack from them if I was sure I liked the look of HP5.

When I finished my study for the HP5 I decided to compare it to the T-Max 400 and gave it a go also. What I found out is that, at least with my abilities to make the styles and see differences, they basically looked the same. There are differences in the blues for example (err, the greys presenting the blues), but most important difference I found was with the pink tones, like lips. HP5 rendered lips and pinks very lightly and here is where T-Max seemed to look more natural and, better, giving more 3D to the light skins. So, I finished a style with the look of the T-Max 400 in my mind.

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Fujifilm 160NS Capture One -study (Version IV)

The fourth iteration of one of my favorite film looks changes practically everything from my previous iterations. This is even more closely based on the original’s colors.

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Fujifilm 400h – a Capture One -style study – updated 19.4.2023

Probably everyone who has shot portraits with film knows this film, even though it now is discontinued. And the amount of presets or styles giving the look of this film is enormous. I tried this look earlier but didn’t succeed with it and scrapped the whole project. But I wanted to try again, and here I add one more style to the sea of film emulations of this film.

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Portra 400 V b – an upgrade to the style

This study is based on the contrast and colorscape of Portra 400 film, but there is no added grain and sharpening and microcontrast are actually same for all my latest styles. I might later on tune this style further, but it works as is. And if the saturation isn’t too much to your taste, this is beautiful style to use for many kind of images.

Portra 400 V b Capture One -style

Comment below if you liked it.

PhaseFinal version
Colorscape or what I tried to emulateKodak Portra 400 color negative film
ContrastMedium contrast
Author’s notesBeautiful saturated colorscape.
Best used for (genre of photography)Experimental, lifestyle, portraits, landscapes.
Download linkhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/14ipR-n4grLCqwTmVdMLvoF0YxWreZLh7/view?usp=sharing
Portra 400 V b Capture One -style